At VRM, we’ve always been most proud of our unique approach with our customers. The way we see it, no one customer is the same… so why should every solution be? Serving our clients, customers, and borrowers has always been complex, and we always want to give everyone tailored solutions to fit their situation. With a focus on providing solutions first, we’ve been able to build a business determined to provide unique fixes for our clients. 

At VRM, we’re the ones available to give you cost-effective solutions for specific inventory challenges and resolving forbearances, and we also do everything from providing collection and tax monitoring to providing training and education for suppliers.  We’re the top choice for helping you to maintain your relationships and your business during a difficult time in our country, making us the go-to for our clients looking to navigate the CARES Act-era the right way.

We are honored to be highlighted in the HousingWire Annual, so take a click to read more about our solutions, mission, and goals.