reo property preservation | How to Grow Your Property Preservation Business in 2020The property preservation industry is smaller than in previous years.


But what are the most effective ways to stay competitive in this industry and grow your property preservation business?


Below are a few ways strategies to consider!


1. Local, regional, and national banks and REO asset management companies have the most property preservation jobs ready to fulfill, so they are a great place to start.

VRM Mortgage Services is one of the biggest companies in the industry, and we are always looking for vendors. Contact us today and specify the areas in which you serve. In order to be placed on our vendor list, you need to register with us directly so you can be added as a trusted source and potential opportunity for recurring business.

A lot of the time, work providers reach out to us looking for vendors, join our vendor network today.


2. Online directories like and are used by many companies to find preservation contractors and jobs.

Add yourself to different online directories and bookmark their job board so you can check back for new opportunities.


3. Look for regional property preservation directories along with local directories (Chamber of Commerce or any real estate organizations) to list your business.


4. If you are looking to connect directly with real estate agents, try connecting via email or direct mailers to their business email and address listed online.

Start out by sending communications in small batches and testing at least two different versions. Once you discover what copywriting and layout is most effective (based on which communication has the highest response rate), you can produce more emails and direct mailers of the more successful version. If you are working with a small budget, you will want to try emails first as they cost less than physical mailers.


5. Ask for reviews and referrals from current contacts! When you have direct clients like real estate agents, homeowners or landlords, they are always most excited right when they sign a contract with you.

When you form a new relationship with a partner, ask them if you do a good job do they mind referring you to other businesses. Most reasonable people will say “yes,” but if they don’t, you can always ask them for a testimonial you can later use in your marketing collateral.


6. Try reaching out to local banks to get more information on foreclosed property managers in your region.

Set up a website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn as places to educate your potential new customers, show social proof of your company, and make your business easier to find if someone searches on Google or Bing for property preservation businesses in your area.