3 Ways VRM Helps Improve Your Cash Flow Potential

Asset management companies can protect your investment properties and help foster a positive cash flow. They do this through property management, financial analysis, risk management, and investment strategies. 

However, asset management companies are different and don’t offer the same products and services or have the same caliber of experts they partner with. Owning property means you may need help with various aspects, from shopping for your second investment property to maintenance.

VRM Mortgage Services goes beyond real estate-owned asset management. We protect your property at every stage, from getting a mortgage to making repairs. Partnering with a comprehensive real estate solutions provider offers a variety of ways to improve your property revenue. 

Here are three ways VRM can help you maximize your investments. 

1. Market and research expertise to reduce risk and set an investment strategy

Managing assets to produce maximum returns starts before inspections, repairs, or tenants. When fully protecting each property, VRM begins with extensive market research and due diligence. 

This research may entail the following:

Analyzing the local market: This helps determine the demand for different types of properties, vacancy rates, and average rent. Then, you can make more informed decisions about where to invest and what kind of property to acquire.

Comparing market prices: By examining similar properties in the area, a fair price for your property can be determined and used when negotiating favorable purchase or sale prices.

Identifying potential risks: Environmental hazards, zoning restrictions, or tenant risk information alerts you of what to watch out for and how to prepare better.

Conducting property inspections: The property’s condition through inspections helps identify any potential problems. This information is helpful if you’re looking to purchase a property and determine the cost of repairs or maintenance.

We assess the risks and create a detailed strategy for optimal investment return. Then you can better understand your assets, shielding them from unexpected costs, market volatility, and even bad tenants.

2. Reduce risks and fees to maximize revenue

Let’s say you own several different types of properties in other states. It can be confusing and overwhelming to stay compliant with various local and state laws, deadlines, and regulations. 

An asset management company stays on top of federal laws and regulations, including the ones that pertain to your local area and state. These include fees like rent stabilization, housing code compliance fees, and environmental compliance fees. 

Being aware of what fees apply to your properties is essential, and missing payments or paying them late can result in penalties or even legal action. Also, laws change frequently, so having an asset management company provide this service ensures you’ve covered this part. 

VRM’s expert asset management helps decrease fees through regular inspections. Overall, we keep the different parts of a property running smoothly – from repairs and maintenance to the final sale. All of these efforts can boost your property’s cash flow potential. 

3. Prioritize high-quality tenants to ensure steady income and positive reputation

At VRM, we understand the importance of making sure every tenant is adequately screened and vetted before being placed. Great tenants are an essential part of keeping your properties well-maintained while ensuring a steady stream of income. 

Good tenants are the people who pay their rent on time, take care of the property, and are respectful of their neighbors. 

This is why we thoroughly screen tenants by performing the following: 

Finding and vetting good tenants helps reduce risk, increase peace of mind for you, and improve your building’s reputation to attract future tenants. These are all ways to improve your income and investment potential.

Going beyond REO

Team up with experts from VRM. We’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years. Our longstanding history in real estate and mortgage means we’ve had time to build strong relationships with the best vendors. We have access to over 400 vendors so we can provide you with fully customized strategies for your investments. Think of us as an end-to-end mortgage solution.  

Protect and maximize your investment with an experienced, full-service asset management and reach out. Call us at (855) 843-8334 or send a message. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]