Grab your backpack, your comfiest shoes, and your softest university pullover—because you’re going back to school! At Vendor Resource Management University (VRMU), we offer super-specialized and effective trainings, courses, and resources for real estate professionals and financial services professionals just like you. 

Our biggest goal is to help professionals expand their knowledge, improve their performance and become better at their work with resources that teach, inform and encourage everyone to be absolute experts in their field. With a huge portfolio of training solutions that include everything from state-approved continuing education courses to industry certifications, VRMU is the place for financial and real estate professionals with a thirst for knowledge and excellence.

Who is VRMU For?

VRMU is for any financial services or real estate professional looking to enhance their industry knowledge or improve their performance (or the performance of their teams). VRMU is packed with resources tailored specifically to professionals, whether they’re looking for continuing education, pre-licensing courses, or industry certifications. 

At VRMU, we’re dedicated to top-notch, high-quality content that actually teaches, not just instructs. Our content is designed to help individuals thrive in their workplaces, which in turn helps the industry thrive as a whole. Basically, we’re trying to educate professionals who will go on to be the leaders in their own fields, changing the world as they go—and we’re pretty proud of it. Does that sound like you? Then it’s for you, world changer.

What Does VRMU Offer?

At VRM, we offer hundreds of courses, trainings, and certifications—and if you don’t see what you need, you can contact us to create custom content. When you take a course with VRMU, you’ll be able to access it 24/7 from any device. There’s no time limit, either: VRMU students are busy, and so you’ll be able to pause, resume on your own time, and access learning transcripts.  Here are some highlights:

Why Choose VRMU?

VRM University creates content for financial and real estate professionals by financial and real estate professionals. We’re not teaching off of theory or guesswork, but by proven tactics with real results. With the end goal to educate and improve the lives and careers of as many professionals as possible, VRM is your choice for excellent education that goes the extra mile.