3 Ways VRM Helps You Increase Your Property Revenue 

Investing in property presents challenges, such as the risk of damage and deterioration over time. It can also be a complicated process to buy and sell. That’s why partnering with an asset management company makes sense for some owners. Teaming up with an asset management company can be a strategic way to help increase the value and income of any type of property—whether commercial or residential. 

The right partnership helps you fulfill the needs of your unique situation to save you time, money, and increase profits from your investment portfolio. 

But not all property management companies do the same thing. Some focus on only real-estate-owned (REO) properties while others, like VRM Mortgage Services, offer customized, full-service solutions beyond the typical scope of asset management. 

While you may know us as an established brand in the REO space, we’ve expanded to provide: 

This post covers three ways a VRM partnership can increase your property revenue.  

#1. Property preservation: Keep your property in great condition

Property preservation is maintaining and repairing properties to prevent deterioration. Regular maintenance and repairs are a reality of owning property, so it’s crucial to team up with an established company that can keep your property up to code. 

VRM helps you minimize risk by keeping you compliant with your properties, including regulations from the Homeowners Association (HOA) and Condo Owners Association (COA). We provide:

The benefits of property preservation

Property preservation helps with your property’s value. A well-kept building is more attractive to buyers and tenants, plus it saves you money in the long run on expensive renovations. 

You may also command higher rents compared to buildings that are poorly maintained. A property in good condition will likely have reduced vacancies, improving your opportunities for consistent cash flow. 

As an owner looking to expand your reputation in the industry, there are also added advantages as well—property preservation improves the overall image of your property portfolio.  

#2. Save time: We handle short sales and expanded purchasing options

Suppose a short sale is the best financial option for a property. You already know short sales can be a complicated and lengthy process, requiring a considerable amount of communication and negotiation. If you’re not well-versed in this space, you’ll have a harder time navigating to the closing table.

VRM has the resources to make your short sale as efficient as possible by handling each step to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your finances. 

We deliver this through our network of professional vendors that offer quick and affordable solutions with multiple purchasing options. 

#3. Increase efficiency through VRM’s platform

VRM understands the many moving parts of owning a property. Our proprietary software is designed specifically for asset management and property needs, which means you don’t need to bother with logging into multiple systems that don’t communicate with each other. 

From managing time-sensitive documents to bidding and making offers on new properties directly through our online portal, our technology serves a variety of property needs. It’s a central place for data, documents, and the ability to track compliance, which keeps you streamlined and increases productivity. It also gives you the data and insights to make more informed decisions about rental pricing, maintenance, and marketing decisions. 

Our software, experience, market knowledge, and extensive vendor list are all valuable tools that we use to help you increase revenue and decrease costs. 

We’re here to help keep your property revenue growing with fully customizable, flexible, and cost-friendly solutions to your needs. 

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